May 12th 2018

around all Slovenia

Nationwide project Slovenia se igra is under the honorary patronage of His Excellency Mr Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia.



Slovenia se igra is an all-Slovenian voluntary project, the theme of which is the game, inter-neighbourly socializing and networking. We gather at numerous events throughout all Slovenia. Football, elastic games, badminton, throwing frisbee, old games … laughter and screaming of children, recollection of memories of adults, passionate debate, grilled barbecue, housewives making coffee and bake pastry. This will be our unforgettable day of optimism, joy and playful freedom!

Do you still remember how good time we had in the 70s, 80s, in the 90s, and on the spending holidays at seaside with bunch of people? Do you remember the grill smell in the good company of neighbors behind the apartment building? And the time, when our parents drank coffee with neighbors and chatted even in the afternoon, and the kids were playing without any special parent care. Do we want these pleasant feelings of connection backwards? Do we want our children to feel it, too?

On May 12, all our neighbors, young and old – from all streets, villages and cities will be gathered together. Behind every settlement, water brook is a great “land”. The story starts right here and now, with your decision that we do something together we all believe in so deeply and so truly.

Let’s collaborate!

Friendship and playfulness are healing, connecting and making us happy!

Let’s invite people from our surroundings from their homes and houses. Let’s ask them to bring balls, rackets, skipping ropes, grills, food and all other possible requisites. We will finally give our children a chance and show them our childhood games and play with them or just cheer for them in the game dodge ball. We will jump and play elastic game, let’s not forget the marbles, frisbees, balls and more. And, let’s don’t forget a grilling smell through the whole street after we play.


Because we no longer want to tolerate that we are strangers in our own neighbourhoods!

We do not want to hear complaints about how nothing can be done!

We want to take responsibility for our own happiness in our own hands!

We want to sit in the driver seat and connect people in our street, village, settlement!

Let us be for one day in the year Veselin Vujović and Igor Kokoškov and prepare people in our local communities to make their winning and unforgettable day. To really feel this day, not just through the screens, but in real! Above all, let’s make the day for all our children!